Letter of Recommendation Policy

Continuing Student Counseling Department Letter of Recommendation Policy

A letter of recommendation requires that you make a half-hour appointment with your counselor at least two weeks in advance of when it is needed. This service is never provided on a drop-in basis.

Most counselors write letters of recommendation only for students they know well. For a letter of recommendation to be effective, the counselor must be able to comment on a student's personal qualities as well as his or her academic achievements. If a counselor does not know you, he or she may decline your request for a letter.

Who is best qualified to write you a letter of recommendation?

A person who has been in close contact with you and knows you well is best suited to write a letter. This may include such persons as instructors, counselors, or administrators. The instruction sheet in a scholarship application or University Admissions application often indicates if the letter needs to come from a specific person.

What should you bring to your appointment with a counselor?

To best assist the counselor in writing your letter, please bring the following information:

•         Your personal statement (if applicable)

•         Your resume

•         If you don't have a personal statement, write a two paragraph
statement about your qualifications including your academic
performance, interests, skills, and any personal qualities which
you feel are significant.

When do you pick up your letter of recommendation?

The counselor will indicate to you when your letter will be ready. Do not expect your letter to be written instantly. Your counselor needs time to reflect in order to write you the best letter possible.