Assessment Process

Outcomes are refined regularly based on assessment data and review in department meetings. External consultations also occur as needed.

Outcomes are assessed throughout the semester as follows:

  • Academic Survey -- given at intake to all students referred to our program (at the same time they apply for our program) -- questions such as: What are your educational goasl? Do you understand what you need to do to achieve your education goals? Units, Prerequisites? Financial aid opportunities.
  • Work study survey -- given at intake for students referred to our work study program. Questions such as: How confident are you with interviewing? Resumes? Thank you letters? Work experiences? We also give surveys to the work study supervisors -- so the students give feedback from their side, and the supervisors from their side.
  • Consultation with students -- one-on-one conversations inside and outside counseling sessions

Data from these assessments are continually discussed within the department with external consultation as available -- including students. Data analysis leads to recommended revisions in the program, which we implement on a reasonable timeline and then reassess per process outlined above.