Emergency Child Care

Family Support Services of the Bay Area

The CCSF CalWORKs program has partnered with the San Francisco Family Supportive Services Program in an effort to support student success. In addition to the child care provided by the San Francisco Human Services Agency, the Family Supportive Services program provides Emergency Childcare to CalWORKs students who need immediate support. Eligible students receive up to 24 days of child care. 12 days are granted for emergency back up and another 12 days towards child sick days.

Reasons for Immediate Support Include:

  1. Current daycare or school unable to take your child due to sickness or behavioral challenges
  2. Unable to find childcare in a timely manner
  3. Current Child Care facility closed for the day or week

Types of Child Care Include:

  1. Center based child care
  2. In Home Child Care
  3. Request for provider to be sent to your home

To request Emergency Child Care, please contact the CalWORKs Office. Family Supportive Services of the Bay Area requires 24 hours notice before making your request.