Job Development & Placement

Placement Information

The CalWORKs program works closely with on-campus departments to provide work placements for students. Placements are on multiples campuses including Ocean, Evans, Mission, Chinatown, and more. The steps to being placed into a work position are as follows:

  1. Student will meet with Career Counselor to review available job openings. During this meeting, you will also be able to review the job descriptions and qualifications of each position. 
  2. Students who closely match the qualifications and have an interest to work in the department will receive a referral form listing the supervisor's name and contact information. If you have a specific department/office you would like to work in, you may also request to work there. 
  3. Student will contact the supervisor to schedule an interview. 
  4. Following the interview, the supervisor will have the option to hire the student. Generally, students are hired on-the-spot. Some supervisors however will contact the student days later. 
  5. If hired, the student is to ask the supervisor to sign the Standards of Conduct Contract. If not hired, the student will be referred to another department. 
Please Note: After obtaining a signature on the Standards of Conduct Contract from the supervisor, students are not yet authorized to work. You must submit the contract to the CalWORKs office and once you have been successfully hired, you will be sent a confirmation email stating your official start date. Do not work before receiving your start date. Hours worked prior to the start date will not be paid by the CalWORKs office. 


Job Readiness Training

The CalWORKs Work Study program provides thorough and comprehensive career readiness training for all its students. These personalized trainings are tailored to accomdate students at all levels and successfully assist students in being job ready when entering the work force. Services offered include:

  • Career Assessment
  • Resume and Cover Letter Help
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Career Portfolio Assistance
  • Career Spotlight
  • Job Search and Placement Assistance
  • Job Placement Support
  • Job Readiness Workshops

Job readiness workshops are conducted throughout the semester to provide students with the skills and training needed to be a more competitive applicant. Work Study students are required to attend at least two workshops per semester. Workshops include: 

  • How to Get a Job
  • How to Keep a Job
  • Professional Customer Service Skills
  • Microsoft Office Training
The CalWORKs office welcomes feedback and comments. Should you have a suggestion of a workshop you would like to see, please contact the CalWORKs office.