Assessment Process

Student Outcomes Survey

Assessment of Services
Student Learning Outcome Goals:

New Student Counseling offers services in the form of new student orientations, classes, individual
counseling, and workshops. The Department has goals for what it wants students to learn through
their participation of each service. The counseling and orientation sevices share goals which were
chosen by the department as a whole. These goals are that students will be able to:

1. Navigate educational and student support services to enhance their success.
2. Make decisions related to their educational and personal goals.

The learning goals for courses are typically different from those listed above and are developed
separately for each course. These course goals are listed as Major Learning Outcomes on the Course
Outline of Record available in the Office of Instruction. Workshops also have individualized goals
which are available from the faculty member who designed each workshop.

Process & Organization

The department has designated personnel to ensure the quality of each assessment project that is
undertaken. An individual faculty member, or a committee, typically facilitates key discussions
within the department, provides training, and ensures that timeline goals are met. Efforts are made
to ensure that department assessment projects are conducted in an inclusive manner. Thus, for all
projects to date, all of those involved providing the service that was being assessed have been given
the opportunity to give input into the project.

Student Learning Outcomes:
The development of the outcome goals for counseling and orientation was driven by a committee
that facilitated various activities, surveyed the department on preferences, and provided training to
faculty regarding student learning outcomes and assessment. At the conclusion of this process the
department voted in the two student learning outcomes that are listed towards the top of this page.

Orientation Assessment:
The Department’s first assessment project sought to get feedback from students regarding the
strength of our ESL Credit Orientation. A qualitative study was developed allowing students to
respond to open ended questions about the orientation. The committee that developed the project
trained counselors to administer the assessment project in ESL Credit Orientations that were given
on multiple campuses throughout San Francisco. The results of the study were discussed in a focus
group that was led by a researcher from the Research & Planning office. The focus group
participants were counselors who had administered the assessment during ESL Credit Orientations,
that they presented, at multiple campuses throughout the district. The report, from this focus
group, was shared with the department as a whole and was followed by a departmental
brainstorming session in which ideas for improving the ESL Credit Orientation were discussed. A
new committee was formed to make some concrete recommendations. This committee is currently
working on improvements for the ESL Credit Orientation. A report detailing the results of this study
has been made available for all counselors to view.

Class Assessment:
New Student Counseling offers five credit courses and one non-credit course. Instructors from
these courses participated in a training in preparation for the assessment of their courses. The
training outlined two quantitative methods for assessing classroom outcomes. Subsequent to this
training the workshop facilitator, who is a faculty member of New Student Counseling, had
discussions with department faculty regarding specific questions they had about the construction
of their assessment tools.
Data collection, for the Student Success Seminar (AAPS 104) class, has been completed. The
instructors will be meeting soon to discuss the results.

Counseling Services:
The department plans to do a comprehensive student satisfaction survey which will give students
the opportunity to comment on the services that we provide at Civic Center/Alemany,
Chinatown/North Beach, Downtown, Evans, John Adams, Ocean, Mission, & Southeast.