Frequently Asked Questions



1.) To meet with a counselor, please schedule an appointment by calling the counseling office:

Ocean Campus: (415 ) 239-3296


Chinatown/North Beach :    (415) 395-8611


Civic Center / Alemany :    (415) 561-1875


Downtown:    (415) 267-6555


Evans :    (415) 550-4413


John Adams:   (415561-1925


Mission: (415) 920-6056


Southeast:    (415) 550-4320



2.) There is daily drop-in/express counseling available for students needing quick questions answered. If you need to develop a student education plan (SEP) or need to meet with a counselor for academic planning and major preparation you must schedule an appointment. Please call the counseling department at any campus to schedule an appointment or to check on the drop-in hours:



Ocean Campus: (415 ) 239-3296


Chinatown/North Beach :    (415) 395-8611


Civic Center / Alemany :   (415) 561-1875


Downtown:    (415) 267-6555


Evans :    (415) 550-4413


John Adams:   (415) 561-1925


Mission: (415) 920-6056


Southeast:    (415) 550-4320


3.) City College has an open admissions policy. Eligibility to attend is satisfied if you have met at least one of the following requirements:

You are eighteen (18) years old on or before the first day of instruction for the term which you are applying.

  • You are a high school graduate.
  • You are the equivalent of a high school graduate, i.e., you have passed the GED or a state's high school proficiency examination.

Please note that the above requirements are general; other factors may determine eligibility.

Contact the Office of Admissions and Records for more details or visit our website at

4.) A Student Education Plan lists the classes you will need to complete semester by semester to complete your educational goal at CCSF.

5.) You will need 60 degree applicable units to receive an associate’s degree including general education requirements. The length of time will depend on your placement in English, Math, or ESL classes as well as how many units you will take each Semester.

6.) You must carry a minimum of 12 units for the fall or spring semester you are enrolled in  to be considered a full-time student.

7.) You are not required by the college to take a minimum number of units each semester. However, the number of units you take per semester will depend on several factors.  For example, the number of hours you are employed each week, your degree/certificate objectives, and your own timetable for graduation and/or transfer. However, there may be unit requirements if you are receiving financial aid, veteran benefits, or other kinds of benefits.

8.) You may register online through myRAM or in-person at the registration center (MUB 130). If the class is closed or has already started, you must follow the add/drop instructions to request to add the class. After you received approval, you may then add the class on myRAM or in person at the registration center before the published registration deadlines.


9.) You are responsible to complete an add/drop form and submit it to the registration center or submit your drop request on myRAM. You should print and keep copy of this procedure for your records. You also should not assume that instructors will automatically drop you for non-attendance. Check the schedule for add/drop and withdrawal deadlines.


10.) Pass/No Pass is a good option if you want to take a class, but don't want the grade to impact your grade point average. If you receive a "C" grade or higher in the class, the grade will appear as a "P" (for passing the course) on your transcripts, and you will also receive the units for that course. If you receive a "D" or an "F" in the class, however, a "NP" (for not passing the course) will appear on your transcripts, and you will not receive the units for that course. In either case, the course will not impact your grade point average.  Some courses are only graded P/NP while other courses have the option of receiving a letter grade or P/NP as grade options. Forms to exercise this option are available from the Office of Admissions and Records. Students may also select "Pass/No Pass" grading option on-line through myRAM at


11.) Students may enroll in a maximum of eighteen (18) semester units, including physical education courses each Fall and Spring School Terms. Students may enroll in a maximum of eight (8) semester units, including physical education courses during the Summer Session. Students wishing to enroll in more than the maximum units allowable must receive permission from his/her academic counselor. Approval to take more than 18 semester units will not be given unless students need such units to be candidates for graduation, or have completed their last full semester of work at the College with an average grade of B (3.00 grade-point average) or higher.


NOTE: Enrollment maximums are strictly enforced by our computer systems. Therefore, students who have received permission from their counselor to enroll in over the maximum units authorized by College policy must process those units in-person at the Registration Center, Smith Hall, Room 118.


12.) If you are experiencing constant stress, fighting depression, or having other personal problems, please make an appointment to see our psychologists or licensed clinical social workers in the Health Center.

13.) For new students , an appointment date will be given to you after completing the Matriculation process. If you don’t know your registration date you can log-in to myRAM to find out your registration date. You may register any time on or after your date.


14.) Students interested in applying units earned at another college/university towards a certificate or A.A. degree should send their official transcipts to Admissions & Enrollment (A&E) of City College of San Francisco.  Your transcripts will not be scanned if you don't apply to CCSF and your counselor will not be able to access your transcript.  It also a good idea to follow up and make sure that A&E  has received your transcripts.  You may also want to bring an unofficial transcript copy when you meet with your counselor.