Appointment vs. Drop In

Differences Between Seeing a Counselor by 

Appointment vs. Drop In

To create an Educational Plan

   Drop In

Guaranteed meeting time period, no waiting.

Wait time varies from 5 minutes to an hour

 Appointments can be scheduled for 30 or 60    minutes                                      

Drop In is not scheduled and might last only 15-20 minutes.

You can choose who you wish to see.

No choice, you see the Counselor on duty for the day.

Can discuss concerns/questions in detail such as
graduation, transfer and major requirements,  etc.

          Quick questions only.

Counselor will have time to answer your questions.

You might feel rushed out of the office because
other students are waiting for the same Counselor.

Counselors will help students with the decision
making process to clarify their goals, and create
an ed plan that reflects these goals up to 24 units

Counselor will only be able to discuss your goals,
and clarify them with the creation of a one semester
ed plan, time permitting.