Get Ready for Counseling


Your Success Is Important To Us

The most successful students are those who involve themselves in their own educational planning. The counseling faculty in the New Student Counseling Department at City College of San Francisco(CCSF) can help you get started with this process. Our Counselors will help guide you through academic and career planning and help with personal problems which may impede your academic progress. You will get the most out of your visit with a counselor if you have thought about a few questions to ask your counselor before your meeting. It is also a good idea to  bring all necessary documents to your appointment, including your orientation folder.

By completing the following list, you can get the most out of your counseling appointment.

1. Please make sure you have submitted  the CCSF application and received a blue  matriculation card . If you don’t have a matriculation card, please go to Admissions & Records in Conlan Hall Room 107 to acquire one.

2. Take the English (or ESL) and Math placement tests and pick up your test scores at Conlan Hall Room 203 before meeting with the counselor. 

3. Attend a regular  in person  orientation; or complete the online orientation, print out your online orientation certificate, and bring it with you to your counseling appointment.

4. Bring your orientation folder including all your high school and college transcripts with you to your counseling appointment.

5. If you have made an appointment to see a counselor or will be waiting in line to see a counselor for more than 15 minutes, you may want to ponder on the following sample questions to get the most out of your counseling appointment.

- What classes or majors are you considering to study at CCSF?
- Which occupations do you want to learn more about?
- If you will be working while attending CCSF, how many hours per week?