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The Mask You Live In: Post-screening Community Discussion @ CCSF

 Free Zoom Webinar on May 7, from 6-7pm

Join Dr. Mauro Osborne-Sifuentes, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at CCSF and instructor of Intro to Masculinity Studies (WGST 35, offered Fall 2020), in a free webinar discussion open to the public on themes presented in the documentary film The Mask You Live In.

  • How do gender stereotypes interconnect with race, class, sexuality, and circumstance, creating a maze of identity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men?
  • How do we challenge dominant masculinity, build new forms of masculinity, and understand the role of men and masculine people in work for gender justice?

The Mask You Live In, written, directed, and produced by California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is available streaming online through San Francisco and other Bay Area public libraries. CCSF students, faculty and staff can access the film through the CCSF Library.


Learn more and register:

Take a Break! Game Night 3PM May 7
Soul Wounds

Soul Wounds: Online Exhibit

The Women's Resource center is looking for submissions for an online exhibit of Soul Wounds. Students can create art or literary pieces of their choice based on the prompt "I express myself in response to the trauma and soul wounds I have experienced in my life as a witness to, and/or survivor of domestic and/or sexual violence". Size of the project should be limited to 8.5" x 11" (or its digital equivalent) and those considering larger pieces should consult with staff. When submitting work, please let staff know if you would like it to be on display at the Women's Resource Center website.

You can email completed pieces to


Annual Events

Fall Open House (September)
Women of Color Gathering (Last Wednesday of February)
Women’s History Month Open House (March)

Co-sponsored events with Project Survive include the Clothesline Project for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and activities for Rape Awareness Month (April).  The WRC co-sponsors the Intersecting Identities Conference (Spring Semester) with the Ourstories Club.



The Women's Resource Center hosts women-focused films.  Stop by the Center each semester for a schedule.


Healing Events and Workshops

The Women's Resource center hosts events and workshops on meditation, healing though art, and feminist issues. Please stop by the Women's Resource Center for more information, or to learn about upcoming events.


Ourstories Club

The Ourstories Club works in collaboration with the Women's Resource Center to empower student voices through storytelling, and hosting its annual Intersecting Identities Conference, which is held every Spring.