Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement

Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement (VIDA) is a resource center for friends, allies, and all students affected by issues of immigration or citizenship status. We are located in the Student Union building in room 104A. Come by and meet the people who make VIDA a welcoming student hub.


Founded in 2012, VIDA is a product of the hard work and dedication of previous generations of undocumented youth activists at City College. We are proud to be a part of the greater network of undocumented student resource centers located throughout the state of California. With the help of staff, faculty, and administrators, VIDA is growing and always welcoming new student involvement. 


Our Mission: Empowering the academic journey of undocumented students at City College of San Francisco


Our Vision: VIDA is a place of acceptance where students will find a sense of belonging, build community, and expand their network. We encourage open dialogue about citizenship status to create an empowering environment where undocumented students can achieve their educational goals!


Financial Aid for Dreamers at VIDA


Every Wednesday from 10:00am-2:00pm throughout the semester we have in house financial aid counseling. Come and get your financial aid questions answered by Karen Colom, our financial aid specialist. 


Below is the link to our sign up sheet where you can sign up for a 30min appointment. 




Below is a small sample of the type of events and engagements we organize for our student community.

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CA Dream Act



2016-2017 CA Dream Act Application






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