Assessment Process

The Student Activities Office assesses all our SLOs on a two year alternating schedule.  We assess in the following ways.

1. Student employees receive a mid-semester and end-of-semester assessment. Data are gathered and reviewed throughout the academic year with final decisions on such things as office improvements and training happen at the end of the academic year. This process is  ongoing and continuous over every academic year. 

2. Students taking the Student Leadership 10, 12, 12A courses (when offered) are given a pre and post test regarding their leadership goals for the semester.  The initial assessment is measured against the final capstone project to measure student's learning. This process is  ongoing and continuous over every semester each course is offered.

3. Student clubs, with the use of focus groups, are assessed on their ability to plan, organize, and execute campus wide events. The data gathered is used to enhance and adjust the trainings club leader's receive.  This process is ongoing and happens at the end of each semester.

Results of the assessment of each of these SLOs are analyzed and integrated into Student Activities Program Review the following year.