Renewing Clubs

Remember, you will need 12 currently enrolled student members and one faculty member to act as your advisor.

Returning clubs must complete all steps of the recognition process.  Below you will find an outline of the recognition process.

The Recognition Process

  1. Hard Copy Club Packet (available in the ICC office SU209) must be submitted to the ICC Office by the specified deadline
    • Signature Card (For our office to verify that the club treasurer and advisor are the only ones signing the club paperwork throughout the semester)
    • Cash Advance Form (To be signed once each semester by the club treasurer and advisor)
    • Club Advisor Contract (To be read and signed by the club advisor only)
  2. E-Packet (below) must be filled out online by the specified deadline
    • Club name
    • Club mission statement (What is your goal as a club? What is the purpose of your club?)
    • Club meeting date/time/location
    • Club contact info (Joint email account that all club officers have access to)
    • Anticipated events (Club must hold at least 2 events each semester)
    • Anticipated service hours (How will you fulfill your service hours?)
    • Advisors and club officers contact info (Advisor, president, treasurer and ICC representative)
    • List of 10 student members (Must include full name, student ID number, and an email address)
  3. Club Training Club President, Treasurer, and ICC Representative must complete a training with the VP of ICC. Training dates can be found on the ICC home page. The Club Advisor MUST complete the Club Advisor Orientation and notify the Dean of Student Activities and cc the VP of ICC upon completion by completing the form here. Reference the A.S. and District Financial Guidelines Overview for any questions regarding club finances, additional allocations, spending club money, and receiving reimbursements.
  4. Official Club Recognition A club representative must be present at an ASC meeting for official club recognition. You will state your club name and mission statement in front of the council so that they may recognize your club. Meetings are held Wednesdays at 3pm in the Student Union Conference Room 208.