Francia Jimemez


As I enter my second year at City College of San Francisco with a major in psychology, I have become extremely passionate about the community that has been built and what City College is becoming for our future. Being a part of such a powerful and equal opportunity environment turns education into something more, and looking back on our college success stories, this will beyond any doubt be one of the most cherished. Given an opportunity with the Associate Student Council with a position of a senate, to approach new and higher levels of supporting a community, sharing ideas, and creating new relations as a body, is a team I am devoted to taking part in. 
Being a mentor at CCSF this recent semester, gave me the chance to talk to many peers and create new relations. I acknowledge that some students feel CCSF is not the community that it is made out to be. I look back on what might need change, despite having so many prodigious clubs, programs, sports, benefits, and so much more- some feel unsafe. Concerns present themselves when an undocumented student comes up to me and tells me they are afraid of asking for help, that they are afraid of applying for scholarships because of the fear that they will get their academic rights taken because they are afraid they will be standing in between dishonesty. As those students constantly fear what may feel like a distant threat- they are not participating in the benefits and opportunities we have to offer here at CCSF. The fear students carry not only impacts themselves and their future but, along with their family and us as a whole community. I want to take action and comfort those students who live with fear, make them aware that their voices are heard, that they are a part of this community, safe here at CCSF. City College of San Francisco does their hardest to maintain student health, educational rights and equality. I stand for everything CCSF takes into action, and there is always room for change. 
As members of a society, we all have the right to speak our mind about concerns, or topics that we feel strongly about. In the past, my voice being heard scared me. I would never speak up, for the small sake of possibly being wrong. When I began to work with kids as a part time job, and have a position at the LAC in Rosenberg, I realized that with having a voice you are able to make a change. As I am given this opportunity to have a voice in the student body and stand for what I believe in, I am running for change that will positively impact our college, and our students. In addition, engaging with new people and creating a bigger social network gives me the responsibility to gain leadership, and be able to be heard. 
As we are in different and difficult situations right now, we are being introduced to many new situations, one including a new method via online learning. City College of San Francisco, has been sending frequent emails to keep students updated, and keeping us aware that there are many ways to receive help during this pandemic. I would love to take part in continuing to maintain safety, health, education, and an overall fun and memorable college experience.