Tarquin Gaines

Tarquin Gaines

Hello, my name is Tarquin Gaines, and I am a second-year student at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). During my time as a student, I have experienced tremendous personal and academic growth. I am now compelled by the level of instruction and sense of belonging CCSF has provided me with, to run for Student Vice-Chancellor. I am a San Francisco native and a seasoned youth worker in San Francisco public and private schools. Considering my position as a school employee and a student, I’ve identified that these two entities intersect interestingly. My participation and experience in each of these institutions have provided a schema for the other in which I can rely on and draw tools for success.

My goal through this position would be to establish an affinity between low-income students and students of color to the school community and work closely with our administrators to extend the support provided to students. Many students do not associate themselves with CCSF beyond the classroom for many reasons; some understandable, and some are urban legends. Connecting all students to campus resources and courses that bear a sense of belonging would enhance the CCSF experience. I need to be present and engaged in my school community as it enhances leadership skills and fosters a collaborative environment with fresh perspectives. I know from experience, representation is essential. The level of passion and commitment employed by students serving their community could establish the difference between excelling and dropping out, for themselves and many others. I am aware that the CCSF instruction and campus climate are structured in a way that fosters student success in and beyond the classroom. Many of the courses I have taken have health, justice, and inclusion intertwined with the learning outcomes. My personal goal within this position is to promote and advance shared leadership amongst the community. This includes equity of voice; everyone is heard, everyone is valued. I recognized the privilege in my position as a coach and the role that I played in influencing positive behaviors and sound characteristics and am prepared to operate with this same mindset. Capitalizing on the dualities of serving my community and exploring the resources that another one has to offer has opened doors to knowing how to make my school a better place. I am wrapping up this semester, having served as an ASCO Senator, and I say that my time serving on the student council has been rewarding.

If elected, I am confident that I will try my personal best to bring a hard-working mindset to the CCSF community. I am articulate and enjoy public speaking and working in groups, I am organized and can be trusted to meet deadlines, and I know when to ask for assistance. I have been active in many school communities for years, and I believe that I am well positioned to start contributing positively.


Tarquin Gaines.