Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookloan?
The Associated Students Bookloan Program is a student created, student operated non-profit program. We strive to assist CCSF students succeed in courses by providing FREE textbook borrowing. Though Bookloan matintains relationships with other campus groups, we are not an affiliate of either Bookstore nor the Rosenberg Library.
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How do I register for Bookloan?
All students enrolled in classes are eligible to borrow from Bookloan. You must be registered in our system when you pick up materials.
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How long can I keep my bookloan?
The lending term for all materials lasts through the last official day of finals. To ensure you get your items back on time Bookloan reccomends taking your final exam and then depositing your materials in the bookdrop located outside the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building.
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When can I borrow?
Lending begins one week prior to the start of classes each semester. Bookloan remains open throughout the semester. Check in for upcoming dates and times, as hours vary from semester to semester.
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What is a priority student?
Priority students are students who are enrolled in a full time status AND qualify under one of the following statuses:

  • Receiving financial aid or the BOG fee waiver - 12 units
  • AB540 - 12 units
  • Veterans - 9 units
  • DSPS - 6 units

Priorty students must provide documentation of their status at the time of borrowing.
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I'm an: international/non credit/concurrent highschool, student. Can I still get a bookloan?
All students enrolled in classes are eligible to borrow from Bookloan. If you do not qualify as a priority student, you may begin borrowing on the Bookloan's 3rd open day each term. Check in for upcomming dates.
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Why don't you have the book I need?
Like most nonprofits, Bookloan operates on a finite budget. Since textbook costs are so high, Bookloan must prioritize high need materials. This means Bookloan carries many but not all titles used at CCSF.
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Why do I have a hold on my account?
Academic holds are placed when a student fails to return all materials by the due date. Often a textbook is returned, but not a study guide or workbook. Once all materials are received, the hold will be lifted and students may resume using their accounts. If your item has been lost or stolen, please contact us to determine the replacement value fee.
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