About Us

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Who We Are

The Associated Students Bookloan Program is a student created, student operated program. We strive to assist student success in courses by providing FREE textbook borrowing. With a library of 3,500 items, and growing, the program loans textbooks for many of the general education courses required in transferring to a four year university as well as other high demand items. For added convenience, the lending period is the length of the semester!

Our Misson:

To provide free textbooks to students who cannot afford to buy their own. To provide services that will link as many students as possible to free and affordable textbook solutions. To create and maintain a respectful, patient, and efficient environment in order to assist students to the best of our ability.

Terms Of Service

By checking out materials, you accept full responsibility for those items. If items are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond usability; you agree to replace the items or pay a fee. Borrowers who do not return items by the due date will receive a hold on their academic record until the items are returned, replaced, or paid for. Holds will be cleared from academic records at the time outstanding items are returned, replaced, or paid for. The process of clearing an academic hold takes two business days. Items outstanding for over two years must be paid for regardless of being returned.

Patrons may only borrow items for classes they are currently enrolled in. All patrons must present a valid student ID card at the time of borrowing. Bookloan honors proxy lending, posession of a student ID card is implied consent for use.

Bookloan makes all general announcements directly to the CCSF gmail group. Contact information is collected for the purpose of recovering outstanding materials. Personal information is never sold or shared with outside parties. In the event a loan becomes overdue borrowers are contacted by email. Bookloan considers all communications complementary and claims no responsibility to provide notifications.