Meet Our Ambassadors

ambassador vince

Vincent Encinas

Campus Ambassador

Hometown:  Oakland, CA
Major:  Engineering (Civil)
CCSF Hobbies and activities:
Studying, watching movies, b-boying, writing, reading comics, reading books and trying to check up with all the TV shows I've missed.
Why did you attend CCSF?
Because it is one of the best community colleges in the nation.
What is your favorite class and why?
English 1B: I was able to completely express my creativity with writing and get a good grade while doing it.
Highlights of your CCSF Experience?
Of course becoming an Ambassador, but also becoming the President of the Ya Basta club.  As an Ambassador, I enjoy being able to talk to high school students about many opportunities that are available to begin their college career.  As the president of the Ya Basta club, we make a commitment to give back to the communities that raised us by giving back to the youth and inspire them to do the same.  
Plans for the future:
I want to receive a degree in Engineering, which I am working towards.  I want to integrate all that I know about clean energy and environmentally-friendly technologies into buildings and transportation.  I want to innovate technology so that we don't have to ruin our environment while we enjoy the advancements of technology.
I like being an Ambassador because:
I get to help younger kids learn about college and the importance of education.  I like interacting with all the youth and giving them knowledge and opportunity that I didn't have at their age. 
I recommend CCSF to future students because:
You get to receive quality learning and are able to connect with the teachers.