Meet Our Ambassadors

ambassador nini

 Nini Deng

 Office Ambassador
Ocean Campus

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA
Major:  Undecided
CCSF Hobbies and activities
Why did you attend CCSF?
I attended CCSF because I wanted to get my education.
What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is yoga because it helps me relax and decrease stress.
Highlights of your CCSF Experience?
My CCSF highlight is working at the Outreach and Recruitment department because it is fun working with the Ambassadors.
Plans for the future:
My plan for the future is to help people in need.
I like being an Ambassador because:
I like being an Ambassador because I get to help people.  I also like to keep the office environment clean and organized when we all come into work.
I recommend CCSF to future students because:
I recommend CCSF to future students because it only costs $46 per unit and a lot of students attend this school.