Meet Our Ambassadors

Ambassador Mark

Campus Ambassador-Ocean Campus

Mark Oliveira

Hometown:  Mililani, Hawaii

Major:  Undecided

CCSF Hobbies and activities:
At the moment I have not currently joined any clubs through the college, but I have been searching around for something that will fit me. With the wide variety of choices there are, it shouldn't take me too long at all.

Why did you attend CCSF?
I myself, personally chose to attend City College of San Francisco, for a few simple reasons. First off, I love this city. I've traveled quite a bit in my years, and this is the only place I would want to live and go to school. City College has a large variety of class choices, a great teaching and facilitating staff, and is an excellent opportunity for me to get a degree, better myself, and my education.

What is your favorite class and why?
At the moment I am taking Political Science, American History, Psychology, and Music Appreciation. To be honest, if I had to choose one, I would pick Psychology, but Political Science would be close behind it. I would pick Psychology, because the study of behavioral science has always been of great interest to me. I feel the more I learn about the functions and processes of my mind and body, under a Psychological focus, the more I can apply myself in life.

Highlights of your CCSF Experience?
Being that I'm only eighteen years old, and this is my first semester at City College, I can't exactly produce a large amount of highlights, but some things that I could claim on a "highlight" list would be: All the debates that occur in my Political Science class (usually on recent news and or events in the media), enjoying hanging out with friends while studying on campus with the study group for my Music Appreciation class, and lastly, the videos that we're shown fairly recently in my Psychology class that we're related to Discrimination, and the act of individuals not intervening and simply standing by while horrible events would occur (example: a woman was beat to death by a man, fourty individuals stood by and watched, listening to the woman's cries for help, yet did nothing).

Plans for the future:
Some basic plans I have for the near future are to obtain my Liberal Arts Degree, while mantaing a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and if all goes as planned, transfer to a University College of my choice, to then begin pursuing my major.

I like being an Ambassador because:
I like being an ambassador, because, I'm a very outgoing and friendly person, the ambassador program is a great way for me to make a little extra money on the side, while not affecting my grades, everyone who works at the Outreach and Recruitment services are highly professional and excellent to work with. I'm really enjoying the program.

I recommend CCSF to future students because:
Not only do we have multiple campuses around the bay, the prices for units are an exceptionally low, the staff and facilitators are great at what they do, there are a thousands of new people to meet, and everyone that I have come in counter with has been extremely kind and outgoing. City College is the place to be!