Meet Our Ambassadors

ambassador cynthia


Cynthia Gutierrez

 Campus Ambassador
Ocean Campus

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA 

Major:  Political Science and Latino Studies (Double Major)

CCSF Hobbies and activities:
I am a current staff member of the WRC (Women’s Resource Center).  Also, I am an active member of Women United, Ambassadors Club and I have participated in Service Learning and in Project Shine.
Why did you attend CCSF?
As a child of a single mother, it was really important for me to finance my own education.  Attending CCSF allowed me to save a tremendous amount of money.  Therefore, when I do transfer, I can be more financially stable.  Another factor that really drew me to CCSF was that it has an extremely diverse faculty and student body.  I believe that by surrounding myself in a positive and diverse environment that I would be able to excel academically.  
What is your favorite class and why?
LALS 15: Latin American Workers in the Americas.  This class transformed my perspective on Labor Studies and influenced my decision to double major in Latino Studies
Highlights of your CCSF Experience?
I have been really fortunate to have an amazing support system at CCSF: from all the incredible teachers/tutors to the diligent resource centers throughout campus. There are three highlights that really stand out to me.  The first one is volunteering for Project Shine, which truly made me appreciate the education I am receiving; next, being a staff member in the WRC; and finally, being a part of the Ambassador team.
Plans for the future:
I am going to transfer to a four-year institution in Fall 2011, preferably a UC or private school.  My ultimate educational goal is to complete law school.  I would like to either be an immigration or civil rights attorney.
I like being an Ambassador because:

I have the opportunity to help other students accomplish their educational dreams.  As a Latina, it is important for me to help the people in my community to be successful and obtain a college education.  I want to help close the academic achievement gap.  I find it ironic that people consider Ambassadors as role models, when in reality; the people I help on a daily basis are MY source of inspiration.  Being an Ambassador has made me appreciate my education because not everyone is as fortunate as I am to receive an education.
I recommend CCSF to future students because:
CCSF is a great stepping-stone especially when you are transitioning from high school to a four-year school.  It's a great way to discover your major and find the career that is best for you.  There is an endless amount of on campus resources that are dedicated to your success. During your time at CCSF, you can develop not only the skills to succeed in a four year school, but you can gain crucial life skills as well.