Assessment Process

We gather a number of different types of data to help us assess our program outcomes. Example:

  • We use student-placement data to evaluate our testing policies. We gather these data each semester at the end of the semester. We review and analyze it internally and in consultation with the placement-testing workgroup (consists of students, faculty, classified, and administrators). Suggestions that come from these data review are focussed on policy changes, but can also include service improvements such as advertising, outreach, etc.

We employ a number of different assessment methods, as appropriate, to help us address each of our service outcomes including qualitative observations of students who come to our offices; numbers of pamphlets, flyers, and schedules that we distribute to students; and individual student feedback on specific challenges they face with our services.

Each program revision is followed up by another semester's assessment and review.

Data is maintained in binders in the Matriculation Office. Summaries and highlights are documented online  and in a yearly program review. They are also reported out, as appropriate, at college hearings.

Program outcomes are refined regularly to ensure that the data we collect and the our proposed improvements align with student needs.