Fall 2012 Highlights

Fall 2012

  • Plan: collect data for this semester's placement test
  • Developing and refining service outcomes and an assessment process to measure them

Prior to Fall 2012:

  • Revised policy: Expanded our use of multiple measures to include high school criteria for math. Data from Summer 2012 placement test data: Out of 1400 SFUSD applicants, 276 students received a higher math placement than their initial test score based on having met 2 out of 3 criteria (math GPA of 2.7 or higher, CST of basic or above, and greater than or equal to 90% high school attendance).
  • Policy change results include:
    • Retake policy was revised from a 3- or 6-month waiting period down to a 2-week waiting period (based on student feedback on experience) -- included only continuing student population
    • Expansion of policy to new students (based on placement data -- out of 50 students who retook class, 27 had a higher placement on second test -- so about 50% of students had shown higher placement)
  • Once a semester -- Taskforce meetings to discuss results of these data
  • October 2011 -- first began tracking data on student participation in placement testing including number of retakes and comparisons of results to see if there has been any improvement