English Waiver Criteria

Students may be excused from taking the English Placement Test and may demonstrate their eligibility for the English 1A or 1B by attaching proof (e.g., transcripts, official test result reports) of one of the following:

1.  University of California Analytical Writing Placement Exam score of 8 or higher -       Eligibility:  English 1A

2.  Completion of a U.C. course satisfying the U.C. Entry Level Writing Requirement -   Eligibility:  English 1A

3.  International Baccalaureate Exam scores: 

  • English A1 or A2 (High-Level) Exam score of 4 or higher - Eligibility:  English 1A 

4.  Any of the following SAT scores:

  • SAT Verbal (before 4/95):  510 -                                Eligibility:  English 1A
  • SAT Verbal (after 4/95):  590 -                                    Eligibility:  English 1A
  • SAT II Writing Subject Test:  660 -                             Eligibility:  English 1A
  • SAT Reasoning Test, Writing Section:  680 -          Eligibility:  English 1A

5.  ACT Combined English/Writing Test with score of 30 or higher -                                     Eligibility English 1A

6.  Advanced Placement Test Exam in:

English Literature and Composition            OR                English Language and Composition

  • Score of 3 or 4                                                                    Score of 3 or higher -                    Eligibility:  English 1B, 1C, and Speech 2
  • Score of 5 - Equivalency:  English 1A + 1B completion

7.  Completion (with "C" or higher) of English 1A - College Level Reading and Composition course or the equivalent -

Eligibility:  English 1B, 1C, and Speech 2

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