Prerequisite Help for Faculty and Staff

Prerequisite Help for Faculty and Staff

The Office of Matriculation and Assessment coordinates the process for the review and approval of prerequisites, corequisites, and advisories, and limitations on enrollment. All prerequisite challenges must be accompanied by proof that the student initiated the request (original email request from student or the Prerequisite Challenge Form signed by the student).


If you receive a request from a student to waive to challenge a prerequisite:

1. Please have the student fill out (and sign) a Prerequisite Challenge Form or if you are filling out the form on the student's behalf, please forward the email request originating from the student.

2. Have the Department Chair sign the bottom of the form.  (The Dean may sign in the Department Chair’s absence).

3. Email the form to  or fax the form to  (415) 452-5127 or mail the form to Conlan 203 (E203).

4. Please allow 5 working days for the prerequisite to be cleared.

5. If you email the form and include the student's email, a confirmation will be sent back to the student.


The Office of Matriculation and Assessment, in consultation with department chairs and in coordination with the Office of Admissions and Records, facilitates the enforcement of pre/corequisites at the point of registration through Banner.

California Community College Matriculation regulations in Title 5 require colleges to establish necessary and appropriate course and program prerequisites, corequisites, advisories, and limitations on enrollment to enhance a student's likelihood of success.