Student Learning Outcomes

Service Learning Programs

Service Learning Program Outcomes
* based upon the AAC&U LEAP Initiative Essential Learning Outcomes,
High Impact Practces and VALUE Rubrics
Service Learning - Curricular Increased learning and mastery of concepts covered in curriculum through pratical application in a community-based service environment.
Measurement which adequately demonstrates (a)  advanced accomplishment in the subject matter and (b) synthesis of conceptual issues with their application in practice.
Service Learning - Curricular & Co-curricular Increased commitment on the part of students to personal, social and ethical responsibility to community, especially diverse and underserved communities both locally and globally.
Measurement which adequately demonstrates that students have  (a) been actively engaged in the real-world challenges of local and/or global diverse and underserved communities (b) developed an increased sense of individual and collective responsibility to the wellbeing of diverse and underserved communnities and (c) attained advanced understanding of how active involvement can effectively facilitate and solve the complex issues that communities face.
Service Learning - Curricular and Co-curricular Increased mastery of the intellectual and practical skills required for success in the non-profit and/or for-profit sectors of the public service industry. 
Measurement which adequately demonstrates advanced accomplishment in at least two of the following intellectual and practical skills: (1) inquiry and analysis; (2) critical and creative thinking; (3) written and oral communication; (4) quantitative literacy; (5) information literacy and technological innovation; (6) teamwork and problem solving.
Service Learning -  Curricular & Co-curricular Increased knowledge, skills and values that make an explicit, direct and purposeful  contribution to the preparation of students for active civic and democratic participation . Measurement (initially determined by faculty sponsor) which adequately demonstrates advanced accomplishment in knowledge, skills and values of civic engagement (at least two must be present): (1) working with and learning from diverse communities and cultures; (2) connection of knowledge from academic study to participation in civic life; (3) increased/clarified sense of civic responsibility and commitment to public action; (4) knowledge of communication skills effective for civic action; (5) reflective insight or analysis about the aims or accomplishments of one's civic action; (6) ability and commitment to collaboratively work across and within community contexts and structures to achieve a civic aim