CEI Objectives

The OMSL Civic Engagement Initiative has four main objectives in its work:

1)    To offer high quality civic engagement and civic responsibility training and leadership development for students who are selected for participation in the Civic Engagement Initiative.  In Spring 2012 on the OMSL Coordinator began re-offering the OMSL's Service Learning class with a reinvigorated civic engagement focus.  In this class the Coordinator works with students to facilitate learning of the knowledge, skills and values that inspire students to become active in their democracy and that allow them to make clear and direct contribution to civic change in their communities and beyond.  This class will have a civic engagement service learning requirement (see #2 below).  Students who are selected to participate will receive a scholarship for their work in this accelerated and demanding training program. 

2)     To create a robust curricular civic engagement internship program in collaboration with local community based organizations, as outlined in the CCSF Strategic Plan A.XIV “Encourage out-of-classroom learning activities to provide a range of opportunities, including service learning, internships, tutoring, mentoring, and cultural and recreational activities”, C.I. “Continue to improve our outreach services and partnerships with high schools and local community organizations".  All those students who participate in the CEI Training will be required to do a civic engagement-based training internship as a deliverable for the class.  These internships will require students to make explicit, direct and purposeful contributions to civic and democratic change in San Francisco and beyond. 

3)    To create and promote professional development opportunities for CCSF faculty interested in incorporating civic engagement in their curricula, as outlined in the Strategic Plan A.X “Strive to make multicultural perspectives and civic engagement the norm for all disciplines, as appropriate”.  The second stage of the CEI will be to take lessons learned and best practices from the CEI service learning training class and from other successful civic engagements programs in the Bay Area and beyond in order to offer professional development opportunities for faculty who are interested in using service learning as a method to heighten both curricular learning and democratic participation amongst their students.  

4)     To promote and assist curricular civic engagement service learning options for those faculty who do bring civic engagement service learning programs to fruition.