College Success Resources

Students seated around College Success Instructor in the Learning Assistance Center

Our College Success courses give students the techniques and strategies to learn and apply a variety of active learning strategies to further personal growth and values, advance knowledge of academic study skills, critical and creative reasoning proficiency, tutoring abilities, and career exploration and development. These are valuable learning skills students can utilize now and in the future.

LERN 50 / IDST 50  College Success

LERN 50 and IDST 50, are offered through two departments, the Learning Assistance Department and the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. These exceptional courses enable students to develop confidence in their college work by learning effective study techniques and making the most out of the college experience. These three-unit courses are especially valuable for new students, re-entry students, probationary students, and all students who want to raise their GPA's and succeed in college.

This course gives students valuable techniques and strategies to maximize learning potential:

  • Top notetaking techniques.
  • Making the library work for you.
  • Secrets to mastering your textbook.
  • Thinking with both sides of your brain.
  • Guaranteed ways to remember what you learn.
  • Ingenious ways to solve problems and set goals.
  • Effective communication with instructors.
  • Learning what your learning style is.
  • Efficient ways to manage your time.
  • Staying healthy all semester long.
  • Dealing with procrastination.
  • Proven test taking strategies.

Letters from students who completed LERN 50

LERN 55  Successful Online Learning

This one unit course introduces technology and study skills necessary to succeed in online courses. Includes online course navigation, course-related computer competency, self-directed learning, online communications, and study skills for online learning. Especially useful for students new to online study and students who have been unsuccessful in online courses in the past.

...Thanks to LERN 55 I am planning on taking more on-line courses as the rest of my life is getting all the more crazy. I did like the commitment of on campus classes, because basically I felt I was forced to have things done by a certain day, which made me rush to get it done at the last minute before class. On-line courses also have a due date, but this class has really helped me keep myself in check. I think it will be a great mix to continue a combination of on-line and on campus classes. Back when I went to school, on-line was not even an option. This is my only on-line class this semester. Thank you for providing this course. I am actually recommending it to some of my other classmates in my on campus classes! (James Cassiol, LERN 55 student)

... the emails from our instructor and other classmates help immensely just when you think your alone in this online class you get an email that says just the right thing. (Tammy Heuser, LERN 55 student)