Get Tutorial Assistance

The ACRC makes every effort to have Tutors available for the coursework with which students might need assistance each semester.

It's not always possible to have the Tutors the students want at the time(s) the students are available.

Student Staff schedules can change daily.  Updates are posted whenever possible.  Please check for Tutor availability periodically.


Who can help me?

           Use your course number to find the name(s) of the tutor(s) who can help with your assignments.


When can I get help?

            Find the day(s) and hour(s) when each of the tutors is available to help with your questions. 


Tutors' Schedule with Skills listed after each tutor's name:

            Display a printable .pdf of the schedule with the tutors names and the courses with which each might offer assistance.


Tutors' Schedule  (no skills listed)

            Display a printable schedule with only the names of the tutors.