Brief Summary of the Macintosh Orientation:

  • Lab rules and the CCSF Computer Usage Policy
  • Layout, and procedures
  • Logging on/off Mac OS X; changing the password
  • The desktop and menus
  • Accessing programs from the Dock
  • Saving documents to the user's home directory
  • Printing by way of PCs

For a more detailed summary of the Macintosh Orientation, please click Macintosh Summary (PDF)


The Macintosh Orientation is recommended for students with Macintosh Intranetwork accounts in selected Multimedia courses offered in: 

  • Broadcast Electronic Media Arts
  • Cinema                                                                                           
  • Computer Science                                                                           
  • Journalism                                                                                       
  • Photography                                                                                   
  • Visual Media Design                                                                          
  • and students who are not familiar with the Macintosh Intranet accounts assigned for their use.


Click here for all of the Macintosh Intranet handouts in printable .pdf format.