Orientations usually begin a few days after classes start and extend for one week. 

As proof of participation, completion receipts are given to students at the end of each orientation.  Verification of attendance might be required by your instructor, so please save your receipts.

Orientations are subject to cancellation at the discretion of the Computer Science Department whenever PC #1 is needed.


Get a copy of:

          This has the dates and the times the orientations are offered along with helpful information.

          This has brief descriptions of each of the orientations and their handouts.


Please line up in the lobby outside Batmale 301 before the orientation is to start.

  • Late entries cannot be permitted.
  • Attend a Win or a Mac orientation before attending a hills orientation.
  • Entry to a hills orientation requires a Win or a Mac orientation receipt.


Please see our Orientation FAQs for additional information


Students may read and review the handouts used in the orientations to preview a hands-on orientation or to do a self-orientation in lieu of attending a hands-on orientation. 

Find all the handouts for each of the systems.


Instructors:  For your convenience, the orientation schedule is available

in .pdf format for both posting and/or duplicating.

Copy to be duplicated for class distribution: (to be printed on legal size paper):

Copy to be posted:  (to be printed on letter size paper)

Please refer to the Windows, Macintosh  or hills links for a brief description of each orientation and the applicable handouts. You can also find a one-page complete summary for each of the orientations in PDF format at each of the links.