Printed copies of the ACRC handouts are available for students in the vertical shelves located on the left just inside the lobby entrance. They are color-coded according to their content and the system with which they are used:

  • General Information  (yellow)
  • Windows Intranet  (blue, for Windows 7 stations; green for Windows 10 stations)
  • hills Linux Network  (white)
  • Macintosh Intranet  (pink)

Printable .pdfs of the all the handouts may be accessed from the vertical menu on the left side of this page.

With the cooperation of other computer labs on campus, the Open Access Computer Labs schedule is also made available.  Open Access Labs are locations where currently registered CCSF students may use computers for homework assignments. 

Orientations are offered at the beginning of each semester in the ACRC.  The summaries include what each of the orientations covers. The back page of each answers Frequently Asked Questions About Orientations and the ACRC.  Click here to find all of the Orientation handouts.