Lab Remodeled 2005

CCSF's newly remodeled Academic Computing Resource Center (ACRC) was showcased during an Open House October 26, 2005. The lab on the third floor of Batmale Hall on the Ocean Campus has 126 PC workstations and 40 Macintosh stations. It features a total of 5,000 assignable square feet for both student and staff use.

The Center has been designed to be flexible enough to be used by students who need a computer lab for homework and research, and by instructors who need the facilities for hands-on computer work during class time. The Center includes two PC lab rooms with 34 workstations each, a Mac lab with 24 work stations (all three rooms include a multimedia station that uses a projector for demos and/or presentations), and a concourse area with 58 PCs and 16 Macs.

While most of the computers in this facility have specialized software to serve students from Computer Network & information Technology, Computer Science, Broadcast Electronic Media Arts, ESL, Cinema, Graphic Communication, Multimedia Studies Program, and Photography, there are 30 PCs and eight Macs "General Use" computers for all CCSF students to access the Internet and use Microsoft Office applications.

In addition, the center includes a wireless hotspot set up for students who wish to bring in their own laptops to use on the area near the center (balcony, hall or the laptop hub inside the center which includes power).

The remodeling project was funded by Proposition A, Educational Facilities Improvement Bond, passed by voters in 2001. The remodeling project began in January 2005 and was opened for use nine months later. The architects for the lab were Hamilton + Aitken. Fineline Construction was the contractor.