For your convenience a 1-page PDF version is available for download at ACRC FAQ

Which orientations should I take?

Ask your instructor which computer system(s) your course will use.  For additional assistance, refer to the back of the Orientation Schedule for a list of CNIT and CS courses and the systems they use.

How long does each orientation last?

Plan on 50 minutes.  Duration can vary, depending upon the size of the group, the number of questions asked, and the kinds of problems that might arise.  Fewer delays occur if students arrive on time and remember to attend the Windows Orientation (W) or the Macintosh Orientation (M) before they attend the hills Linux Orientation (hills).

Am I required to attend more than one orientation?

ACRC staff recommends that you attend the hands-on orientations for any of the systems your course will use.   Handouts are available covering most of the orientation topics.   It is possible to familiarize yourself with some of the topics or to preview the topics before attending the hands-on orientations.

Do I sign up in advance for the orientations?

No, just line up outside the entrance to the lab at Batmale 301.  The faculty monitor will call in the group once the area to be used has been cleared and prepared.  (Please note that the hills Linux Orientation (hills) is open only to those students who have attended the Windows Orientation (W) or the Macintosh Orientation (M); show of attendance receipt is required.)

Will I need to show a current CCSF student identification in order to attend the orientations?

No, however after the last day to add classes, anyone using the ACRC is required to submit current CCSF student photo identification for AccuTrack scanning in order to sign in to use a computer.  It is always necessary to render your CCSF student photo ID to any employee of the college upon request.

Do I need to be registered in the class to attend orientations?

Ordinarily, it is not necessary to use your personal account(s) during the orientation sessions, so official registration in the computer class(es) is not required in order to attend. 

How can I find out about areas in the lab that might be reserved by classes and not available for my use?

The rooms along the left wall may be reserved by authorized classes.  However, room reservations create a greater demand for units in other lab areas.  Check the Room Reservation sign posted at the door of each room.  If you’re not on campus and you’d like to find out before making the trip, call the Reception Desk at (415) 239-3492.

What kind of help can I get with my assignments in the lab?

Assistance is limited and usually impossible without textbooks, class notes, handouts, and/or assignments.  Tutors can help with questions in their topic specialties.  The Faculty Monitor can usually assist with some programming and software questions.  Technical staff can help with hardware problems.  Lab Assistants at the Reception Desk must remain at the desk but can offer limited assistance and can direct your question(s) to other lab personnel.

What if I forget my password?

If you have a CCSF student photo ID, the passwords on your hills and shelbyville Linux accounts, your Windows account, your Macintosh OS X account, your CCSF Gmail account, and your CCSF Wifi account can be reset.  If you are not on campus, passwords may be reset by telephone at any time:  (415) 239-3711 or toll-free (844) 693-4357.  Without the advantage of photo verification, identification can only be confirmed by your responses to personal questions.  Please make the call from a private location to maintain personal security.

Do I have to sign in to use the lab?

Yes.  The bar code on your CCSF student photo ID must be scanned in at the Reception Desk before you sit down to use any of the computers in the ACRC.  Your bar code will not scan unless you have completed registration in at least one class in the current semester/session.  Your CCSF student photo ID is kept behind the Reception Desk until you scan out before leaving.   

What kind of storage media should I get to save my work?

At the front of every ACRC computer are 2.0 ports for USB drives.  With a California state photo identification, you may borrow USB 1G flash drives from the Reception Desk to use for downloading and printing documents from laptop computers.

How long may I use my account?

Your hills Linux account remains accessible for about two months after the start of the semester following the semester you were enrolled in the class that used hills resources.  However, your Windows, shelbyville Linux, and Macintosh accounts are accessible only until the ACRC closes at the end of the semester.  If you want to keep copies or backups of any of your files, you must download them before the end of the semester.  The SSH Secure File Transfer on the Windows Intranet and the Fugu application on the Macintosh Intranet may be used to download files to portable media.