SLO Assessment Process

The Guardian Scholars Program follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website.

Additional Program Assessment Process


Mission Statement:

The Guardian Scholars Program is committed to helping college-bound students, exiting the foster care system, by providing a comprehensive support program to be successful in college. We serve as a resource center, providing assistance to students with their development of educational skills such as achieving an associate degree, completing a certificate program, or transferring to a university; as well as developing interpersonal skills to help them become self-sufficient role-models and individuals in their community. We also provide direct services, such as book vouchers and transportation, to assist with college costs, and referrals to community-based resources as needed and available. Our goal is to support our students so they can realize their dreams.

Program Outcomes

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Program Outcomes are mapped to ILOs as shown below:

Program outcomes:

1. Guardian Scholars Program provides effective support services and resources to assist students in completing their educational goal.

2. Guardian Scholars Program provides students a welcoming space and community that will serve to encourage persistence.

3.  After receiving counseling services, Guardian Scholar students will be able to articulate the purpose of educational planning and the requirements necessary to achieve their educational goals.

(ILO I.2. Critical Thinking and Information Competency: Locate, evaluate, synthesize, and appropriately use multiple forms of information; ILO II.1. Communication: Communicate effectively; ILO II.2. Demonstrate respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication).