The C.C.S.F. Guardian Scholars program accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the school year.

Access to services are not guaranteed until all application steps are completed.  Applicants may download and complete the

CCSF Guardian Scholars application.  

Once an application is submitted,  the Program Coordinator shall discuss the required steps to program enrollment.

Verification of Foster Youth

  • Applicants must submit a foster youth verification letter stating that they were an individual in either: foster care placement, ward of the court, out of home placement for at least one full year.  Letters may be attained from a State or County Human Services Agency.
  • The California Department of Social Services issued guidance on April 27, 2016 regarding a new process that former foster youth can use to get verification of their foster care status. The guidance describes that former foster youth can contact CDSS to request the verification letter by calling the Foster Care Ombudsman’s Office, toll free at 1-877-846-1602, or by calling the Foster Care Support Services Bureau, at (916) 651-7465. Initial requests need to be received by telephone so that the CDSS staff person may verify the youth’s identity, ask any clarifying questions to find the youth’s case on the CWS/CMS system, and if necessary, to help resolve any issues the youth may have experienced in reaching their county agency of jurisdiction. Completed verification letters will be provided to the youth by fax, email, U.S. mail or in person, depending on the youth’s preference.