Disbursements and Payments FAQ

Is Financials Aid available for the winter/summer sessions?

Students may qualify for Financial Aid in the summer depending on the number of units and if they have any Financial Aid remaining from the preceding award year.


What is full-time during the Summer session?

Financial Aid considers “full-time” status as 12 or more units per semester. 


Do I have to be a full-time student in order to receive Financial Aid?

You DO NOT have to be a full-time student to receive Financial Aid. However, some Financial Aid programs have specific unit requirements. 


What fees does the California College Promise Grant cover?

The CCPG is a tuition waiver that covers the $46 per unit enrollment fee.


If I pay my fees before I qualify for the CCPG, do I get reimbursed?

Yes, you will receive an automatic refund for your enrollment. Refunds are calculated and disbursed in approximately 2-4 weeks. See the Admissions & Records office for the parking fee reimbursement.


CanI get Financial Aid if I’m an Out of State student?

Out of State residents may be eligible for Federal aid. Any aid that is received can be used toward the Out of State enrollment and tuition fees


Why is my award different this year?

This can be due to many variables: change in income, lower-unit enrollment, completion date of FAFSA or DREAM application, etc. Visit our office for a more detailed explanation.


When and how do I get my money?

You can see our regular disbursement schedule on the Financial Aid Calendar on our website. Pell Grant and Loans will be divided into four disbursements per year, two disbursements in the Fall semester in increments of 50% and two disbursements in the Spring semester in increments of 50%.

Your disbursement will be adjusted to reflect the number of units in which you are enrolled (75% for 3/4-time, 50% for half-time, and you may have eligibility for less than half-time). 


Does my disbursement include “waitlist” classes? 

No, your disbursement will not reflect the waitlist classes. Your disbursement will only include the units you are currently enrolled in. However, if you are added to the class then your second disbursement will reflect the update.


Does my disbursement include “late start” classes?

Your second disbursement may reflect late start classes if enrolled and started by specific dates. Your disbursement may include payment for late start Fall classes if enrolled by October 23 and starts by November 2. Your disbursement may include payment for late start Spring classes if enrolled by March 28 and starts by April 6.


Can I get Financial Aid if I’m in default on student loans?

The only Financial Aid you can be considered for while in default on a student loan is the BOG Fee Waiver and scholarships.


How can I buy my books if I don’t get my Financial Aid until the first week of school?

There is the option to apply for EOPS and if you are eligible they may potentially cover some of the cost for books with a book voucher. Additionally, you can rent two free books per semester under Associated Student's Bookloan Program. For emergecy options: 

  • The library carries textbooks for most classes at the reserve desk, which you can check out for two hours for use in the library. For more information, please visit the library.

  • Emergency Book Loan program is offered by the Admissions & Records office during the first week of Fall and Spring semesters. The loan is available for up to $200.


Can I get Financial Aid at two different colleges during the year?

Yes and No! If you are attending two California community colleges at the same time, you can receive a California College promise Grant (formerly BOGW) at both colleges but federal or state Financial Aid can only be received at one college for the same enrollment period. However, if you transfer from one college to another college during the year, you can add the new school to your FAFSA or DREAM Act application to be considered for additional aid. Students must notify the Financial Aid office of your transfer.


I’m taking classes at two colleges at a time. Can all those units be added together for Financial Aid?

Yes, students can be paid for the combined units if the classes are taken at West Valley College and Mission College. If you are attending another college different than Mission and West Valley College you must contact the Financial Aid office at the college where you are receiving your Financial Aid.


Do I have to report any grants, scholarships or fellowships to the IRS as income?

Grants and scholarships are generally not taxable if you are pursuing a degree at an eligible educational institution and the total does not exceed your expenses. Contact the Internal Revenue Service for more information or read IRS publication 970.


Is my work-study income taxable?

Yes. Any money received as the result of work is considered taxable income. You will be asked to file a withholding form (W-4) and you will receive a statement of income and taxes withheld (W-2) each calendar year.