Financial Literacy CashCourse

Whether you are planning for college, trying to pay for college, or graduating and thinking about your future, it’s clear that the financial decisions you make today will impact you financially well into your future.

Money management, financial literacy, and budgeting are important for you to know and understand to ensure you are making good decisions for your personal finances and your future.

To help you navigate these decisions, CCSF has partnered with CashCourse to provide students Free Financial Literacy resources for college students.

Use CashCourse to:

1.       Create a budget;

2.       Learn about the benefits of checking and savings accounts;

3.       Protect your credit;

4.       Plan for retirement;

5.       Create a budget;

6.       Read more about financial aid; and

7.       Learn about so much more

To register now, click on the CashCourseThen type in your information and select your school, which will allow you to access CCSF’s CashCourse School Site.