Application Process

All students interested in receiving financial aid must submit a financial aid application for every school year of attendance. The priority deadline is MARCH 2ND to qualify for state financial aid programs, though you can submit your application after this date to apply for federal and institutional financial aid programs. 

How to Submit a New Financial Aid Application

  1. Determine whether you qualify for the FAFSA or the CA Dream Act
    • If you are not sure, please review Immigrants Rising's FAFSA vs CA Dream Act
    • You are only eligible for one type of application, so do not submit both
    • Students eligible for the CA Dream Act must follow the these steps
  2. If you are eligible for the FAFSA, you must create an FSA ID
    • Students who do meet the Dependency Status Questions are required to have parent information, so in this case, parent is also required to create an FSA ID
  3. With your FSA ID, you can log into the FAFSA and select the correct academic year
    • 2019-20: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020
    • 2020-21: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021
  4. Provide the requested tax & income information from two years prior:
    • 2019-20: 2017 tax & income information
    • 2020-21: 2018 tax & income information
    • If eligible, please you the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to important tax information onto the FAFSA
  5. Provide parent information if you do not meet Dependency Status Questions
    • Students who do not meet Dependency Status Questions but are unable to provide parent information due to special circumstances should come into our Financial Aid Office in MUB 270 and meet with a specialist
  6. Add CCSF to your FAFSA using the Federal School Code 012874
    • If you had previously submitted a FAFSA without adding CCSF, please follow these steps to add the CCSF Federal School Code to your FAFSA
  7. Electronically sign your application with your FSA ID and submit the FAFSA
    • If you are considered Dependent, have your parent electronically sign with the parent FSA ID
  8. Review your Next Steps to move forward with the financial aid process