The California College Promise Grant (CCPG, formerly know as BOGW) is a state fee waiver program designed to provide education assistance to eligible California residents and AB 540/AB 2000/SB 68 eligible students attending a California Community College. 


CCPG Eligibility Criteria

The CCPG offers three different methods for students to qualify:


  1. CCPG-A: A student (or parent for dependent applicants) is a current recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or General Assistance/General Relief (GA/GR)
  2. CCPG-B: A student (or parent for dependent applicants) has a household size and annual family income that do not exceed the state-designed income standards
  3. CCPG-C: A student has submitted a financial aid application and has demonstrated a financial need of $1,104 or more
  4. CCPG-S: A student has a special classification

A student's eligibility for CCPG-A, CCPG-B, and CCPG-S is determined by the California College Promise Grant Application. A student's eligibility for CCPG-C is determined by either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act. It is recommended that you use CCPG-C method to qualify for additional financial aid.



Applying for and Maintaining Eligibility for CCPG

You can apply for the CCPG at any point during the academic year, and once you apply, your eligibility will be valid for the entire academic year. However, you must reapply each academic year to be eligible.


Once you are qualified for the CCPG, you must make sure to meet the following academic standards to remain eligible:


  • Academic: Sustain a cumulative  2.0 GPA or higher
  • Progress: Complete more than 50% of your attempted units

Failure to meet these academic standards for 2 consecutive primary terms may lead to a loss in CCPG eligibility. 



Loss of CCPG Eligibility

If you lose CCPG eligibility, you can regain eligibility by meeting academic standads, not attending CCSF for two consecutive primary terms, or submitting an extenuating circumstances appeal. 


To move forward with an exenuating circumstances appeal, you must do the following:


  1. Submit a Loss of Registration/CCPG Appeal Form online
  2. Type a statement explaining your situation
  3. Obtain an education plan with an academic counselor
  4. Provide supporting documentation

All documents must be submitted to the Registration Office located at the Ocean Campus MUB 130.