Dream Aid Services

A student's immigration status will not prevent their eligibility for financial aid. Under the California Dream Act, undocumented students and TPS Recipients who meet AB 540/AB 2000/SB 68 criteria, as well as U-Visa Holders, are eligible to receive state-based aid and institutional scholarships.


In 2011, California passed into law Assembly Bills 130 and 131. AB 130, effective 2012, allowed for AB 540/AB 2000/SB 68 eligibile students to receive privately funded scholarships from California public colleges and universities. AB 131, effective 2013, allowed for AB 540/AB 2000/SB 68 eligible students to participate in state financial aid programs at California public colleges and universities. These bills are known as the California Dream Act. 


To apply for state financial aid programs under AB 131, you must submit a California Dream Act Application online. The application is open October 1st through March 2nd. 


For additional information about the California Dream Act, please review the Financial Aid Office's webpage



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