Our students being successful in every aspect of their lives is critical for long-term success. Through their dedication to completing their studies, hard work in raising their children, and preserverance during any hardship, our students become more confident and are able to accomplish a very important life goal...

Securing their future with an education.

Tiffany Brown - Success Story

Taking advantage of this program would be very beneficial academically and the program is a great environment for social enrichment and meeting others with like-minded goals.

- Tiffany Brown

Liana - Success Story

My dream to get an education is coming true thanks to the CalWORKs program.

- Liana Gevorkyan

Dashdulam - Success Story

With the help of CalWORKs, I was able to complete my AS degree in Accounting and transfer to SFSU where I will pursue a BS in Business Administration starting Fall 2015.

- Dashdulam Tsedev

Bridgette - Success Story

Believe in yourself first and the CalWORKs Program can help if you let it.

- Bridgette Torres