Work Study

The CalWORKs Work Study program assists students in earning cash while learning important job skills through on-campus opportunities. Cash earned through work study does not affect cash aid. In addition to enhancing your job skills and gaining valuable on-the-job training, students participating in the CalWORKs Work Study program become better prepared for their careers after college. 

The CalWORKs Education and Training Program at City College of San Francisco offers two types of work study positions:

1. 3591 Classification

Students in this classification may work a maximum of 15 hours per week and must be processed in the CCSF Web4 system. Students earn $16.50 an hour in this classification. 

2. 9910 Classification

Students in this classification may work a maximum of 20 hours per week and do not require Web4 processing. Students earn $16.50 an hour in this classification. 

Work Study Orientation

The CalWORKs Work Study orientation occurs throughout each semester. It is mandatory for all new work study students to attend as it assists new student employees in becoming familiar with working on campus through the CalWORKs program. Key components of the work study orientation include:

  • Work Study Positions & Expectations
  • Time Reporting & Submission
  • 9910 Processing and Finger Printing
  • School Breaks & Bridge Program
  • Performance Evaluations & Site Visits
  • Career Development Training
  • Termination Procedures & Exit Interview

Career Plan

CalWORKs Work Study students are required to meet with a Program Specialist to create a career plan. The career plan is valid for one academic year and details important career preparation recommendations to be completed each semester.