Additional Fees

Student Health Fee (all students): $20.00 (Summer Semester $16.00) (Mandatory)

NOTE: Students who qualify in the following categories will be exempted from payment of the health fee:

  • Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization. (Documentation required.)
  • Students who are attending college under an approved apprenticeship training program.

Student Activities Fee: $7 (Optional) (No Student Activities Fee for Summer)

Student Representative Fee: $1 (Optional) (No Student Representative Fees for Summer)

Web4 User Fee: One-time $3.00 fee per semester (non-refundable)

Note: Web4 will assess a $3.00 user fee per semester. Students may also choose to register during the Open / In Person Registration Period to avoid paying the user fee (see registration calendar) There is no user fee during ADD/DROP Period.

Return Check Charge: $25.00 fee per check returned.

Additional Instructional Materials: Students are expected to purchase textbooks, lab books, workbooks, pens, pencils and paper. In addition, some courses, students are expected to provide tools, equipment, clothing, materials, or to purchase additional materials. All course that are assessed a material fee are identified in the class schedule with the indication of the amount assesssed below the course title. An estimate of the cost of additional materials or fees for any class may be obtained from the appropriate department or center.