Incoming Transcript Evaluation Procedures

Transcripts from other institutions may be submitted to the Graduation / Evaluation Department in Conlan Hall Room E-107, along with the appropriate evaluation request form, after counselor review and only for the sole purpose of establishing a guideline of acceptable transfer credits toward obtaining on Option A Associate Degree at CCSF.

This evaluation is not for an initial educational plan, CSU or UC transfer information or for meeting program / major requirements. Students must contact the CCSF New or Continuing Student Counseling Offices or the Transfer Center for information.

All transcripts must be submitted at the same time and must be official and sealed by the issuing institution. Opened transcripts will not be accepted.

Students must have completed courses or be currently enrolled in courses at CCSF in order to request an evaluation. A copy of your completed evaluation will be mailed to you within approximately 16 weeks.

In general, upper division courses will only be applied toward the CCSF Graduation requirements when the petitioning student falls short of the required lower division elective units. Occasionally, upper division coursework may be considered for general education requirements. See your academic counselor for information regarding this process.

Students must submit a "Request For Evaluation" at least 14 weeks prior to petitioning for graduation.