Noncredit Online Admission Application

Noncredit Online Application is under maintenance




Aplicación de No Crédito por internet está bajo mantenimiento


For immediate assistance with noncredit applications, please contact the Admission and Enrollment office at the appropriate center:

Web registration is not available for noncredit. 

For students in the credit program, there is no need for them to submit a noncredit application because they are already in our student system.  Please go to MUB room 150 at Ocean Campus or any of the location listed below for registration.

For students who are new, they need to fill out a paper application at any of the location listed below. 

Chinatown/NB:   808 Kearny Street, CA 94108, Room 103

Civic Center:        1170 Market Street, CA 94103, Room 101

Downtown:          88 4th Street, CA 94103, Room 107

Evans:                  1400 Evans Avenue, CA 94124, Room 101

John Adams:       1860 Hayes Street, CA 94117, Room 143

Mission:                1125 Valencia Street, CA 94110, Room 110

Southeast:           1800 Oakdale Ave, CA 94124, Room 201

Ocean:                  50 Frida Kahlo Way, CA 94112, MUB room 150

Ft. Mason:            2 Marina Blvd.- Bldg B, CA 94123, Room 101