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Steps to Enrollment for High School Students



Spring 2020:

Semester begins:  January 13th, 2020

Online Registration Date:on or after December 10, 2019 


Summer 2020:

Semester begins:  June 8th, 2020

Online Registration Date:on or after April 30, 2020 


Fall 2020:

Semester begins:  August 15th, 2020

Online Registration Date:on or after  May 26, 2020 


 Forms can be submitted via- scan/email to, in-person at Admissions and Records- Multi Use Building 188 or via fax at 415-239-3936


  • Have cumulatively earned 120 High School Credits

Step 1


Complete & submit your CCSF Concurrent High School On-line Application.   


Step 2


Your High School Counselor will advise/ recommend college course (s). Please have principal, counselor or school designee sign the High School Concurrent Enrollment Permission/Consent Form.  Please get a high school transcript from your counselor to provide to CCSF.

A FERPA Release is required if a third party (a students parents, guardians or high school representative) will be contacting the college to gain information regarding the high school students records or personal information. FERPA Release Form

Please submit all paperwork to the High School Enrollment Coordinators at:

Admissions & Records MUB room 188

Step 3


A. You are recommended to participate in the New Student Orientation that introduces you to essential programs, services and information to better prepare you before your first semester.

In accordance with Federal and State Law, Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) provides counseling, academic accommodations, support services, and classes for students with various physical, mental health, communication, and learning disabilities.  Students wishing to receive services through DSPS should schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor.  Services are confidential.  Please call (415) 452-5481 for ore information.

Step 4


If you are approved to take courses other than English or Math or courses with no English or Math prerequisite, you may skip this step.

If you plan to take any English or Math courses or any courses with English or Math prerequisite, the CCSF Admissions & Records will forward your high school transcript to the Matriculation Office and you will receive your appropriate English and Math placement based on your high school transcript data. Please check your CCSF email account for your placement report.

City College has established prerequisites and co requisites to ensure that students have the skill level necessary to succeed in a course. If you wish to challenge a course prerequisite, please submit the Prerequisite Challenge Form. You may also use the same form to challenge any course prerequisite that is not an English or Math course.


Please submit appropriate forms and supporting documents to the Matriculation Office by:

·         Email:; or

·         Fax: (415) 452-5127; or

·         In-Person in Conlan Hall 203: Matriculation Office Hours of Operation


Step 5


Once  you submit all required and completed documentation, your registration date will be activated. On or after that date,log in to myRAM Portal  with your CCSF student ID# (if this is your first time logging in, do not put a password and click on the New To Ram ID box.  Once you are in your account, follow the Add/Drop process.

Online Registration dates:

Spring 2020: on or after December 10th, 2019

Summer 2020on or after  April 30th, 2020

Fall 2020on or after  May 26th, 2020



Admissions and Records will use the information on the submitted Permission/Consent form to give you myRAM Portal authorization to add course(s) online. However, if course(s) is full/closed, please follow the Add/Drop Procedures. If you wish to add different course(s) during the ADD/DROP period, you must submit a new signed Permission/Consent form.


ADD PROCEDURE: You will be assigned a registration date every semester that you are an active student.  On or after this date you can log on to your myRAM Portal student account and add classes you have been approved to take.  For instructions on adding and dropping courses using Web4 please go to myRAM Portal Add/Drop Instructions .  

If the course you are interested in has a wait list, you may add yourself to the waitlist.  Please follow these instructions to do so:   Wait List Information .

Beginning Spring 2020 there is a new add procedure once the semester has begun.  For the first week of instruction, if the class still has space available, a student can add the class on their MyRAM Portal without any instructor permission.  If a class is full and a student would like to request to add the class, follow the same Class Add Request instructions and the instructor will determine if they have space and notify the student if they do.

Beginning the second week of instruction if a student wants to add a class whether it has space or is full,  the student can request to add the class on their MyRAM Portal.  Here is a link to instructions on how to do this:Class Add Request   If the instructor has space in the class for the student they will approve the student to add the course and will notify the student through CCSF email.  The student must then add the class in the MyRAM Portal.  

Note: Course Subject name and Course Number must match with the information on the submitted Permission/Consent Form.  If for any reason, you are not able to add the approved course and to want to enroll in a different course you must complete and submit a new Permission/Consent Form


Step 6


Photo ID's are issued to a student once a student is registered in a class for the current or upcoming semester.

Locations of photo ID issuing offices:

MUB 130B

MUB 150

Several of the other centers also offer photo ID services.

Step 7


Student Support Programs are here to help you reach your academic and personal goals!

Student Government 

  • Serve on the student council or one of the college's participatory governance committees! Learn how the college is run and make sure the student voice is heard!
  • Learn More Here

Student Clubs

  • CCSF student life includes a variety of clubs which rally around everything from academics, art, culture, social causes, sports, hobbies, etc. Clubs provide an opportunity for students to meet people and build community, to help each other be successful.  Students join and form clubs to share common interests, work on common goals and have fun!
  • Learn More Here

Student Resource Centers & Programs: Find Your Community


Ordering Transcripts

Once the semester has ended and grades are posted, if you would like to order your college transcript you can do the following:

1.  Log in to your myRAM Portal account 

2.  Go to your Student Portal

3.  Go to My Profile

4.  On the left side of the screen, click on Unofficial Transcript

5.  Transcript level: All levels, Transcript type:  City College of SF Official

6.  You can see/print your unofficial transcript from here

For Official Transcripts follow the same screens except choose Order Official Transcript.  The first two Regular copies are free to all students.