Continuously Enrolled 

High School Students

Enrollment Process

Did you attend CCSF in the past two semesters, and want to enroll as a Continuously Concurrently Enrolled High School Student for Spring, Summer, or Fall  2019? You only need to complete and submit the following form:

High School Concurrent Enrollment Permission/Consent Form

Please choose course(s) thoughtfully with your High School Counselor or Principal/Designee and Parent/Guardian as grades are permanent on your college record. Please check the on-line CCSF Class Schedule.

High School students can register for Course(s) online via Web4 on their assigned registration date (see below).

Registration dates:

Summer 2019on or after May 6th, 2019

Fall 2019on or after June 5th, 2019



ADD PROCEDURE: You will be assigned a registration date every semester that you are an active student.  On or after this date you can log on to your Web4 student account and add classes you have been approved to take.  For instructions on adding and dropping courses using Web4 please go to Web4 Add/Drop Instructions .  

If the course you are interested in has a wait list, you may add yourself to the waitlist.  Please follow these instructions to do so:   Wait List Information .

Once the first day of the course has begun, any students who wish to register for that course must attend the first day of class and communicate with the instructor.  If the instructor has space in the class for you they will provide you with an add code.  You can use this add code to add the class via your Web4 student account.

Note: Course Subject name and Course Number must match with the information on the submitted Permission/Consent Form. If for any reason, you are not able to add the approved course and to want to enroll in a different course you must complete and submit a new Permission/Consent Form.