Assessment Process

Office of Student Affairs & Wellness

Commencement Ceremony- Area A

Data from feedback surveys will be analyzed to focus on how to improve the Comencement Ceremony student service through activities such as continuing to plan, promote, execute , developing new and improved promotional event strategies w/ other constituency groups, continue to engage student involvement in the commencement ceremony planning and execution, and recognize and award student achievement and success.

We collect and analyze evaluation data from students, faculty, and guests attending the ceremony via surveys.   

The data from the feedback surveys will guide in re-configuring certain aspects of the ceremony to lengthen the ceremony time, provide more student recognition,  select more than one student speaker, increase speech times, reorganize ceremony layout,  implement and improve registration process, implemented a student and faculty graduation newsletter.     

This SLO was started in Fall 2008.  Changes are implemented to support the SLO in the Fall  semester following the ceremony. This ongoing SLO is then reassessed at the end of each Spring semester.  

Student Leadership Program L.E.A.D. - Area B

Data from the feedback surveys and focus group meetings will be assessed for student use of program and its resources such as leadership courses, Student Leadership Internships, monthly speaker series, and the annual leadership conference.

We conduct feedback surveys and focus group meetings with program participants. 

Data from feedback surveys and focus group meetings will guide efforts to  increase student participation, link the speaker series to topics of interest, provide quality panelists and smaller size gatherings, and include a social justice element to the program. 

Fall 2011 is when this SLO was started.  Activities to support the SLO were implemented in Spring 2012 and Summer 2012. The SLO will be assessed & the data will be evaluated at the end of the Fall 2013. This SLO’s continuance will be determined once the data is evaluated.