Fall 2012 Highlights

Office of Student Affairs & Wellness


Current highlights are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports and each year in our Program Review.

Fall 2012 highlights:

Commencement Ceremony- Area A

Examples and highlights of our office/department's outcomes assessment work as of 08/01/12.

  • Through the assessments our office discovered that over 90% of all participants in the survey were pleased with the Commencement Ceremony. We received some suggestions from students that we valued and implemented into our planning process.
  • As a result of the survey, the OSA re-configured certain aspects of the ceremony to lengthen the ceremony time and provide more student recognition. Ways we did this were: 1) selecting more than one student speaker and increasing their speech times, 2) reduced the lines of graduates crossing the stage to one single line, 3) implemented and improved never before used registration process to confirm student attendance and participation,  4) Implemented a student and faculty graduation newsletter to better inform all participants of the ceremony details.     
  • The changes implemented as a result of the feedback we received from students have been assessed again this year to determine if the changes were in fact beneficial. From a planning and execution perspective, the changes seem to have streamlined operations and allow us more time now on improving the quality of the ceremony. This years surveys yielded a 96% percent satisfaction rate.

Student Leadership Program L.E.A.D.- Area B

Examples and highlights of our office/department's outcomes assessment work as of   08/01/12.

  • Through the assessments so far, our office has discovered that students find program services beneficial, but would like more specific topics in the Speaker Series that pertain to their area of study. We also found that students prefer fewer, better quality presentations. We also received feedback that lead us to believe a social justice element was missing from the program.
  • As a result of feedback and focus group evaluations,, OSA sought means to 1) increase student participation, 2)link the speaker series to topics of interest to the focus group participating in the leadership program, 3)Provide fewer panelists and smaller size gatherings 4)renamed the entire program to L.E.A.D. ( Leaders Evoking a Actual Difference) in order to include a social justice element that students felt was missing.
  • We are in the process of implementing changes this year. We will reassess our data at the end of Spring 2013 to prepare and implement new changes for Fall 2013.