Office of Student Affairs & Wellness:

Excellence Awards

Event Details

We will post updated details for the Fall 2017 ceremony in the Spring semester.


Founded in Spring 2011, the  Excellence Awards, and the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness strive to award and recognize students, faculty, and staff members of CCSF who have made outstanding achievements and/or contributions to the college community.The Excellence Awards is a college wide ceremony that includes all departments and all campuses. We believe that it is important to host a college wide ceremony that recognizes and thanks our college community for their hard work and dedication.


Nominations & Selection

Excellence Awardees are nominated by their own departments, peers, and mentors. Nomination forms are available and open to the entire college community. Anyone may be nominated, however award recipients are chosen by the Excellence Awards Nomination committee. It is customary for 10-15 awards to be granted each year. We are very excited to grow the awards ceremony. The ceremony is meant to honor and thank our college community members, and for our office, this is an extremely rewarding experience that we look forward to all year.

Award Categories


Eagle of Excellence Award

This award is reserved for staff members whose contributions or achievments have affected long term significant and positive change within the college. 


Excellence in Service Award

This award is for staff members of the college community making meaningful contributions in their areas/departments. 


Excellence in Student Leadership Award

 This award is reserved for CCSF students only. 


If you have any questions regarding the ceremony or the process to nominate an individual please contact our office and speak with Rita Tuialu'ulu'u, the event organizer.